about 'Me Time Inc'

Me Time Inc is an art-based wellness program that incorporates carefully curated art supplies and online guided tutorials to help you relax, reduces stress and anxiety, unlock creativity, improve productivity and find valuable ‘me time’. 
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If you struggle to juggle work and homeschooling or find that isolation and social distancing are taking a toll, engaging in art therapy can help you relieve the stress, catch calm, feel a sense of control and instant reward.


You’re also not alone - social distancing and isolation have impacted a lot of people. It’s important to stay positive and stimulate our minds in creative ways. 





Our program is fun and easy. You will receive a beautiful box full of art goodies  - everything you need to get the project started. You can then create at your own pace or join our guided tutorial. In the end, you will have a unique piece of art to decorate your home and you can share it with our friendly community of new self-proclaimed artists! :)  


  • Medical professionals are prescribing art, in various forms, as a means of illness prevention. 

  • Arts Council England has shown that GP consultation rates drop by 37% and hospital admissions decrease by 27% when people actively engage in art

  • The act of creating art itself has proven to be beneficial to health & productivity. Art classes are being introduced in medical schools, such as Penn State College of Medicine in the US

  • Art classes aid and develop creative thinking skills, in turn developing creativity and productivity 

  • In 2006, the Department of Health Working Group on Arts and Health discovered that factors beyond wellbeing, such as length of stay in hospital and pain tolerance, were significantly reduced by the presence of landscape paintings in hospitals

  • The 2017 Arts Health and Wellbeing report summarised the findings of two years’ worth of research.

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CHOOSE YOUR ARTFORM: Painting, drawing, resin art, singing, dancing, writing a script - creativity can be sourced in a variety of ways to achieve the same goal - stimulate the mind in a positive, enjoyable manner, away from distractions.  

YOUR AGE IS PERFECT FOR THIS: There are no rules and no age restrictions. Just like kids enjoy getting their hands dirty in paint projects, so too, can young adults and the young at heart! 

ENJOY THE JOURNEY: Art therapy just like meditation doesn't have set rules of engagement or practice code. You do what works best for you. Perhaps it's working with certain colours, or just the motion of paint on the canvas or maybe you like mixing colours and 'squeeshing' the paint between your fingers. Whatever rocks your boat! Seriously. Doing what feels instinctive will put you in charge without the need to control yourself. Find freedom, find adventure, find peace - art therapy is about the journey! Enjoy it! 

Meet The founders

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Anastasia Fai kOGAN


Anastasia found art therapy for herself after losing her father in 2012. After a Psychologist suggested to look to art and music to help restore emotional balance, Anastasia discovered that painting was a perfect antidote for stress and anxiety. She since used art activities as a team-building tool for staff and clients. 

With a background in media and teaching, "MeTime" became a passion endeavour and in early 2020, amid Coronavirus pandemic health crisis, Anastasia decided to take the project to the wider community in hopes of helping a lot more people navigate through tough times.

With her friend and study mate, Sarah, she launched "MeTime Inc." to bring the joy of art therapy to more people in need.

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Sarah Grace Worboys  Co-Founder

Sarah is a chartered accountant, experienced in leading and growing cross-functional teams, taking new products to market whilst working within corporates and startups.

Sarah is a 'newbie' painter, plays the piano, writes music and loves an excuse to build something people might love, be it corporate or creative. 

The idea that through art, we might spread a little joy in people's lives in this otherwise crazy time, was just too exciting not to bring to life. 

We hope you have the opportunity to create a little Me Time for yourself.

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