Corporate wellness

Me Time Inc. art boxes and guided online classes are designed to provide a mental break, promote relaxation and depth of focus.



By unlocking creativity through a fun art class, we will help your team to re-energise, stimulate senses, shed isolation fatigue and in turn improve productivity.


It's Easy to start

Our corporate wellness art program is fun and easy. Your team will receive a beautiful box full of art supplies - everything needed to get a painting project started.


They can then join a live private group class curated for your team or watch our online guided tutorial in their one time.



The current pandemic has left people increasingly stressed, anxious and disconnected from their work colleagues. 


  • Remote, isolated working arrangements can be lonely and stressful.

  • Video conference call fatigue reduces focus and curbs productivity

  • Lack of team-building opportunities, especially for new hires


Easy Solution

Me Time Inc. allows you to Invest in activities that can improve your team members' mental wellbeing, help them de-stress, and increase productivity.

  • Long-lasting effect: Your staff can enjoy all the tools provided in the kit multiple times

  • ROI: Retain your best people, improve productivity, and meet CSR expectation of your stakeholders.


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1. Select a Kit

A beautifully packaged art supplies box will be delivered to your staff homes or office.


Signature Satchel is our most popular box suitable for beginners

(contains product for approx 10 projects)


Embrace your inner Picasso with our Signature Box

(contains a mounted canvas and easel perfect to display your work)

Corporate Art Image.jpeg

2. Online Class

Book a time with our tutor for a private group class where your team equipped with their individual Me Time Inc. art boxes will learn how to use the tools and how to paint with acrylics

A prerecorded tutorial can be provided if you prefer your team to relax and enjoy Me Time in their own time

Working from Home

3. Team-building

Sharing is optional but highly recommended! This informal wrap-up activity is a fun bonding experience for everyone.


It is an opportunity for your team to get together virtually, or in person,  share their masterpieces, experience of creativity, and positive vibes the activity left them with.

Share your works on social media @Metime_inc #MeTimeInc

WHAT's in the box?