Frequently asked questions

How long will my bundles/ wigs last?

GlossyGirl Extensions' bundles and units can last for over a year with proper maintenance and care. The longivity of your units and bundles depend on how the unit is cared for and stored when not in use. Co-washing the hair is always recommended before wearing, using non-sulfate shampoo and conditioners.

How do I maintain proper care of my units and bundles?

It is best to wash and deep condition your units at least once a month. If you are unsure of how to do so, please let a professional stylist do so to avoid longivity of your bundles and units.

Will there be any shedding?

Please remember that all hair sheds! You will experience a small amount of shedding. Please be gentle with curly units and bundles as they tend to shed more than other textures and require high maintanence. If the knots on your unit have been bleached it will weaken the lace a little so please be gentle when it comes to caring for your lace, do not be rough.

How do I take head measurements?

Please use the link for visual reference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQVTvG7d1V0

If I live in NC or around the same area, am I able to waive the shipping fee & just come pick up product?

Yes, If you are wanting to purchase a Custom-Made Unit to come pick up then you can contact us directly to purchase the unit. Please be aware though that in doing so, this decreases your chances of actually getting the wig that you would like, as we get lots of emails and messages regarding orders, tracking and other imporatant things. We cannot guarantee nor hold units for anyone. Purchasing off of the site GUARANTEES that the unit is yours. Contacting us asking if you can ourchase a unit means that someone may have already purchased it off of the site