The Perfect Gift With A Creative Twist 🎁

Updated: May 25, 2020

We are just a little bit proud of our flagship product here at MeTime Inc. In a world where zoom conferences and anxiety reigns supreme, we have never been more in need of a forced break to take a moment for self-care, or send a special surprise to our loved ones.

Introducing MeTime art gift kits and guided lessons

How It Works - The Art Gift Starter Kit

  1. Order a box - Starter Kit or Premium Gift Kit

  2. We deliver to your door

  3. Start painting and having fun!

How It Works - The Guided Class

We appreciate it can be daunting to create your first piece of art. In the coming months, we will be uploading free tutorials for you to follow along at home. Before this, we are here to spend some time with those of you who are interested in a guided tutorial.

  • Book a session for a guided online class to get you started.

  • Share your art with us @MeTime_Inc on Instagram. 

  • Join our online tutorials curated by professional artists. 

No clue? No worries!

You don't have to be a trained artist to enjoy painting and start to notice the benefits of art therapy. To take the stress out of getting started, our team have picked out the ideal paint, brushes, easel, canvas and tools to set you up for success.

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." ~ Vincent Van Gogh

We have never been more digitally connected to each other, yet less connected to that little voice within ourselves. The deafening noise from our devices, our families and the 24 hour news cycle can feel truly overwhelming. Now is the perfect time to step back and enjoy the benefits of a little Me Time.

Our team have a passion for art and wellness. We are so thrilled to welcome you to our little artistic sanctuary.

To learn more about what is in the box, take a peek at our product page.

To be one of the first to buy this gift for yourself, a family member, friend or colleague, please send us your details and we will be in touch.

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