Our Van Gogh themed Signature box is great to try art therapy and a perfect gift for someone in need of ‘me time’. The kit has perfectly sized, student-level props to begin the relaxation paint project. Inclusions: 


  • Easel

  • Primed ready-to-paint-on canvas

  • One sheet of canvas paper to practice your skills

  • Set of paint brushes 

  • A pallet knife to mix colours

  • Pallet tray to blend colours

  • 18 student grade acrylic paints (12ml each)

  • Table cover to keep your furniture safe

  • Sponge

  • Paper towel to clean the brushes

  • Two Van Gogh themed inspiration images! 

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  1. 'Starry Night Over the Rhône' 1888 - one of Vincent van Gogh's paintings of Arles at night.
  2. 'Wheat Field with Cypresses' 1889 . Van Gogh regarded the present work as one of his “best” summer landscapes and was prompted that September to make two studio renditions: one on the same scale (National Gallery, London) and the other a smaller replica, intended as a gift for his mother and sister (private collection).



'Van Gogh' Signature Art Box & Tutorial

  • Encourage the art therapy in a positive way. It’s all about mind stimulation, peaceful, no expectation learning environment.